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Bhutan Private Tours

Bhutan Private Tours

Talk about untouched beauty: This little country in the Himalayas is flanked by Burma, Bangladesh and Nepal, and was totally cut from visitors until the 1970s. It’s known as one of the happiest in the world and those who take the trip often seek the secrets of a culture that has peace and contentment down pat.
While retaining many age-old traditions true to the dominant religion, the country is more than just a living museum. Here, you’ll find lively locals engaged in a variety of activities, more than willing to make your stay here an unforgettable one.  It shares the view of gorgeous snow-capped peaks in the Himalayan mountain ranges and magnificent rugged terrain along with excellent luxury hotels and best of all, a tranquil atmosphere. (there’s a reason that the locals joke about their production of “Gross National Happiness”) Structures like Buddhist monasteries also serve as the perfect backdrop Bhutan’s lively festivals. Regardless of your race, religion or interests, you’re bound to be roped in and caught up in the upbeat festivities during these events.


Things not to miss in Bhutan

Hike Tiger’s Nest Temple
Punakha Dzong
Visit farmer’s market
Try out archery
Visit National Memorial CHorten
Eat at Bukhari Restaurant
Tango Goemba


Best time to visit Bhutan
Mar – May
Oct – Jan ( Dec and Jan see colder weather but clear blue skies)

Our suggested


Bhutan Private Tours

Tucked in the Himalayan mountains is the happiest country in Asia The Kingdom of Bhutan. Join our 6 days classic Bhutan  which covers the “must sees” of this magical country. We start from the historic town of Paro to Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan to "the palace of great happiness or bliss" Punakha Dzong and […]
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Luxury Bhutan and Festival Thimphu Tsechu

Thimphu Tshechu starts on the 10th day of the 8th lunar month. The three-day religious event plays an important role in the lives of Bhutanese people as it is an opportunity for the Buddhist followers to immerse and cleanse themselves of the bad Karma and to remind them of what to make of their lives. […]
From$11,272 per adult
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