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China Private Tour

China: another world… We’ve all heard of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, but no traveller is just limited to the big cities. With different cultures, languages, foods and customs varying from state to state, China seems to be a big melting pot of dialects and cultures. From bustling cities to lush countrysides, plunge into the fascinating diversity of this vast country and discover the true colours of China. 


Things Not to Miss in China
• Take a luxurious cruise on river Yangtze
• Experience life as it was in the 16th century in Suzhou
• Find out how many warriors you can count in Xi’an.
• Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan
• Picnic at the Great Wall of China
• Jiayuguan Fort, Gansu
• Eat Peking duck
• Arrived at the Hanging Temple- Heng Shan
• Cultural diversity: stop in Hong Kong to shop and soak up the multicultural flavour.
• Unique fauna and pandas: pay a visit to the pandas in Chengdu.
• Spiritual traditions of Tibet: Visit Tibet for breathtaking views and landscapes.
• Trans-Mongolian railway: start (or finish) aboard the epic Trans-Mongolian railway journey in Beijing.


Best time to visit
April – October
Being such a vast country the climate in China is extremely varied and does go from one extreme to the other.

Our suggested


Guiyang Private Tour

The Miao people are great observers of etiquette. They are also very hospitable and pay respect to their guests. When people visit their homes, families will often kill a chicken to provide poultry for their guests to eat. They also try their best to entertain guests.
From$1,699 per adult
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The Ethnic Minorities of China’s Southwest

Discover the southwest Chinese provinces with distinct minority ethnic groups. Until today the Miao ethnic minority's life and culture remain unchanged. Unspoiled by tourism development in the surrounding provinces has made the region one of the best kept secrets in China. Its stunning landscape, characterized by limestone karst hills, jagged peaks and terraced rice fields […]
From$3,402 per adult
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