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Ethiopia Private Tour

Ethiopia has an interesting reputation of being one of the oldest nations that has no record of being colonised throughout its long existence. With a history dating back thousands of years, more than 80 ethnic groups and Islamic roots under its belt, you are guaranteed a rich cultural experience at Ethiopia. That’s including haunting tombs and ruins of castles leftover as relics from its past. It is home to contrasting scenes between jagged peaks and plunging valleys that are equally stunning in its untamed and rugged setting. The numerous national parks allow travellers to truly appreciate the natural beauty of the country. Throw in a wide diversity of wildlife, dense jungles and cascading waterfalls; you’ll thoroughly lose yourself in this captivating land full of enchanting secrets waiting to be discovered.


Things Not to Miss in Ethiopia
See traditionalist animist tribes in Omo Valley
Visit Aksum the two-thousand year-old capital of a trade empire
Hike Simien Mountains National Park
Visit Harar -walled city rich in Islamic shrines and home to the famed hyena men of Harar.
Lalibela the medieval complex of churches carved into the rocks
Bird watching in Rift Valley Lakes
Explore Gondar
Enjoy Ethiopia food


Best time to visit Ethiopia
Oct – May
Nov – Dec (South Omo Valley and the Danakil Depression)
To visit the central highlands and northern circuit with lush green landscapes featuring carpets of yellow meskel flowers as well as easier travelling conditions.

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