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Oman Private Tour

Of dramatic sand dunes and sweeping landscapes, Oman is definitely one of those off-the-beaten-path destinations that shouldn’t be missed. That’s particularly true if you visit its vast deserts. Or if the sweltering heat isn’t your kind thing, Oman is also one of the most popular diving destinations. It wouldn’t be difficult to enjoy a unique and personal experience here without jostling for space with hordes of mass tourists. As you venture across the country, you’ll get to see different faces of the country and its cultures from desert to mountain dwellers. To get a taste of Oman’s busy life, make a trip down to its its busy hub Muscat, or soak in her natural wonders at her many nature reserves with natural parks, botanical gardens or even turtle reserves.


Things Not to Miss in Oman

•Turtle-watching at Ras al Jinz
•Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
•Dhow cruise at  Khor ash Sham
•Magical Al Ayn
•Visit Sur
•Hiking in the Western Hajar
•Buy Frankincense
•Jebel Harim
•Saiq Plateau
•Misfat al Abryeen
•Spend a night out in the desert
•Wadi Bani Auf


Best time to visit
Mar- Jun

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Oman Private Tour

Oman's low-rise towns retain their traditional charms and Bedouin values remain at the heart of an Omani welcome. With an abundance of natural beauty, from spectacular mountains, wind-blown deserts and a pristine coastline, Oman is the obvious choice for those seeking out the modern face of Arabia while wanting still to sense its ancient soul.
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