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Mongolia Private Tour

If you’re imagining sprawling plains sprinkled with nomads, ruins and wildlife with a breath-taking backdrop, you’re absolutely right. With efforts in the recent years, Mongolia has successfully opened its doors to the world while maintaining its age-old traditions and untamed wilderness unique to the country. Despite urbanisation in the cities, it is not uncommon to see locals living in traditional tents, also known as gers. Take this opportunity to step away from the fast-paced and commercialized life that we’re all used to. Instead, adapt to the simplistic nomadic lifestyles by exploring the steppes on horseback or hiking trails. Once you’ve ventured out of the villages into the countryside, you’ll have no trouble meeting nomad families who are more than willing to play to hosts to any travellers and enjoying a bowl of milk tea with you.


Things not to miss in Inner Mongolia
Aershan National Forest Park
Xilamuren Grassland, Hohhot
Dazhao Temple, Hohhot
Mausoleum of Genghis Khan
Kubuqi Desert, Ordos
Camel riding in Resonant Sand Gorge


Best time to visit Inner Mongolia
June – September
Inner Mongolia belongs to temperate continental and monsoon climate. The other five months from December to April are long and cold, not suitable for travelling.

Our suggested


The Golden Eagle Festival of Mongolia

Join us for the annual Golden Eagle Festival in beautiful Bayan-Olgii province of Mongolia. Every year, many brave Kazakhs participate with their specially trained Golden Eagles in various competitions to prize the best among them. This fantastic festival celebrating the Kazakhs' honored Golden Eagle practice is also a celebration of Kazakh traditional heritage.
From$4,985 per adult
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Mongolia Ikh Nart Nature Reserve

Step out of your comfort zone and into the adventure of a lifetime when you take off on this four-day tour of a nature reserve in the wilds of Mongolia.
From$1,222 per adult
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Discover Inner Mongolia Private Tour

Every year many Kazakh hunters gather with their especially trained eagle and challenge them with different ways. As watching Eagle Festival you can explore cultures and way of life Kazakh people who lived in High Altai Mountains. This journey will let you have a chance to experience their nomadic lifestyles
From$8,337 per adult
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Adventure Expedition Into Ulaantaiga Wilderness

Ulaan Taiga is a mountain range in north-western Khövsgöl, Mongolia, between the Darkhad Valley and Mongolia's border with Tuva, Russia. The range covers parts of the Ulaan-Uul, Tsagaannuur and Bayanzürkh sums. Between 1997 and 2011, Mongolia established three specially protected areas in the north- central part of the country to protect various high-value resources. These […]
From$5,582 per adult
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