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Egypt Private Tour

Any thought of Egypt immediately invokes thought of sweltering deserts, imposing pyramids and mummified pharaohs of the past. Even with the glorification by countless Hollywood films, these impressions are not too far off what you can expect in reality. It makes Egypt an exotic destination for trekking where you take in the raw beauty of its expansive deserts, snorkeling to get up-close-and-personal with colorful coral reefs teeming with marine life or just spending a relaxing day strolling along its powdery beaches while enjoying the sea breeze with waves lapping gently against the coast.
Egypt also has a combination of two unique religions – Islam roots from its previous ruling empire and traditions passed down from native Christians. You’ll be spoilt for choice ranging from medieval mosques to ancient churches to embark on a diverse cultural experience. The variety of local customs, rituals, art forms and traditions all play a part in creating Egypt’s vibrant art scene.


Things Not to Miss in Egypt

•A Nile River Felucca Ride
•Scuba diving in the red sea
•Visit Karnak – the largest religious site
•Awe inspiring Abu Simbel
•Immerse in the night market of Aswan


Best time to visit
Sep – Mar

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Extraordinary Egypt with Abu Simbel

Egypt is an exciting mix of history and modernity, felt nowhere as strongly as in the capital city of Cairo. Throughout the ancient Pharaohs’ playground, you’ll experience natural beauty, strong tradition, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality.
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