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Morocco Private Tour

Located along the coastline of North Africa, Morocco mostly comprises of Berbers, Arabs and a small Spanish community who sought refuge in the 15th century. Morocco is home to some of the largest and oldest medieval cities that are a joy to explore, while its colourful deserts and imposing mountains are a feast for the eyes; imagine lush green hills, cascading waterfalls and star-studded skies in. Despite the increasing infrastructure, Morocco has been able to retain much of its traditional charm where locals are still very much in-touch with their roots of carpet weaving and the like. In fact, the two worlds may come together to create some sights that might cause you to do a double take. After all, it’s not everyday that you see a traditionally dressed nomad trekking through the desert clutching modern conveniences like a mobile phone.


Things Not to Miss in Morocco

•Visit the tanneries in Fez
•Stroll the blue streets of Chefchaouen
•Learn to cook some traditional Moroccan dishes
•Steam in a traditional hamman
•Enjoy dinner in Djemma el Fna
•Overnight in Sahara Desert
•Find peace in Majorelle Gardens
•Trek in the high atlas


Best time to visit
October – April

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Imperial Cities of Morocco

Being a gateway to Africa and the Arab world. A meeting point for civilizations and continents situated on the northwest tip of Africa. With its striking topography, vibrant culture, and distinctive history, Morocco is an ideal destination for cross-cultural interchange and learning.
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