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Papua New Guinea Private Tour

Papua New Guinea can be seen as the direct opposite of Australia. Despite sharing similar origins, Papua New Guinea has developed to become as wet and mountainous much as how Australia has become dry and flat today. The country still retains some of its primitive beginnings, where tribes of hunter-gatherers reside and thrive. As their names suggest, these locals live and survive based on age-old customs like gathering pulp from trees. The isolated environments have also given rise to distinctive species of wildlife, flora and fauna that are unique to Papua New Guinea. There is much to discover in the forests, including rare sightings of past relics like the giant long-beaked echidna. This slow development and lack of commercialised tourism are precisely the appeals that this land of mystery possesses, drawing in travellers craving for an adventure off-the-beaten-path.


Things Not to Miss in Papua New Guinea

•Fishing around the fjords of Tufi
•Diving in more than 30 dive sites
•Visit the tribes with a guide
•Trekking the Kokoda Track
•Spend time in the Rainforest Habitat
•Buy some coffee bean


Best time to visit
May – November

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