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Ecuador Private Tour

Not surprising then that Ecuador tourist board coined the phrase ‘All you need is Ecuador’ given that they have mountains and beaches as well as the Amazon. Although the Galapagos Islands attract large numbers of visitors, not so many take the additional time to explore the Ecuadorian mainland. There you can find villages and markets which are truly local and not catering to tourists. It is just a delight. Quito, the second highest capital in the world at 2,800m, is one of the world’s first UNESCO Heritage Sites and dates from 900AD which is well worth a visit. Outside the capital you will find small villages with weekly markets where foreign faces are rare and traditional clothes prevail. Culture aside, the landscape is gorgeous and displays the lush green beauty of the tropics with brightly colored birds flashing in the trees.
The best part is that you get to choose from any climate you fancy, ranging from cooler environments at higher elevations to tropical climate along the coasts.


Things Not to Miss in Ecuador

•Otavalo Market
•Climbing Cotopaxi
•Laguna Quilotoa
•Mama Negra Fiesta


Best time to visit
All year round
Dec – May ( dry season warmer and calmest waters)
Jun – Nov ( marine-life sightings for divers)

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