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Sudan Private Tour

Sudan, is a country in the Nile Valley of North Africa or East Africa, bordered by Egypt to the north, the Red Sea, Eritrea, and Ethiopia, to the east, South Sudan to the south, the Central African Republic to the southwest, Chad to the west and Libya to the northwest. A handful of travellers make it to Sudan, but those who have set foot here normally come away with heaps of praises about the wealth of ancient temples, monuments and tombs which includes more pyramids than Egypt itself. 
Sudan has also some of the world’s best diving sites along with its largely unexplored Red Sea coast and the magnificent Nile River. It’s not just the scenery that makes up a wonderful memory, but the people who will make up a real ethnic experience and they are some of the friendliest and most welcoming you can ever hope to meet.  


Things Not to Miss in Sudan
Pyramids of Meroe
Visit the National Museum of Sudan
Seeing the Jebel Barkal
Trek in Dinder National Park
Visit the Sudd Swamp in South Sudan
The Farafra Oasis
Visit the Temple of the God of Amun
Explore the Republican Palace Museum
Awe at the magnificent Pyramids of Gebel Barkal


Best time to visit Sudan
October to April 

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Wake at the break of day under the golden pyramids of godlike kings of old, traverse a searing desert to the place where two Niles become one, and watch a million blood-red fish swarm through gardens of coral. Whichever way you look at it, there's just no denying that among Sudan's sweeping hills of sand […]
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