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Kyrgyzstan Private Tour

Kyrgyzstan is a rugged Central Asian country along the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean. The Tian Shan mountains, which surround the old caravan route and dominate the country, are home to snow leopards, lynx and sheep. Kyrgyzstan is defined by a unique topography made of largely untouched mountains, rolling summer pastures and stark ridges that are brightened by the semi-nomadic, shepherd and yurt-dwelling cultures. In the south, the millennia-old city of Osh has a huge, busy bazaar that was once a stop on the Silk Road.


Things Not to Miss in Kyrgyzstan

• Trek Tian Shan mountains
• Stay in a yurt
• See The Adzhan
• Eat specialty Foods of Osh
• Celebrate Christmas till 14th Jan
• Watch Kok-Boru or “buzkashi” and “dead goat polo”
• Try a nomadic lifestyle


Best time to visit
May – Sep (Flowers bloom and snow on mountain tops)
Jul – Sep (Ideal for treks)

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