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Maldives Private Tour

For the traveller it offers the perfect opportunity to really ‘get away from it all’. With undeniably some of the best beaches in the world (with the finest white ‘powder’ sand you will ever walk on), crystal clear pristine waters which cover the coral reefs (making it one of the best scuba diving locations in the world), and with possibly some of the world’s most luxurious hotels (you could even request your own private butler at some of the most exclusive). With every resort in the Maldives being it’s own private island, and there being more than a hundred to choose from, the toughest decision will be selecting where to stay.


Things not to miss in Maldives
Dolphin spotting
Island Hopping
Enjoy beautiful sunsets
Romantic private dinner
Chill out!


Best time to visit the Maldives
December-April ( Tropical weather with and infrequent rainfall)
May – October ( Surf season)

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