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Tel: +65 9111 7338 | Email:

Amy Sim

Founder/ Managing Director


Her love for travelling and adventure started at a young age during those bi-yearly school holiday travels with the family.  In 2009, she caved in to pursue her dream of travelling the world by quitting a highly paid job and packed her bag for 20 months, going around Africa, Middle East, Central & South America and Antarctica, covering more than 30 countries during this time. This life changing trip left her with lots of memorable experiences and profoundly affected her future decisions upon her return to Singapore.

Having many years of sales experience in the automobile industry and the last few stints with supercars such as Maserati and Mclaren, she finally decided to do what she loves; travel. She enjoys travel planning and feels passionately about bringing new authentic experience to her clients. She believes that luxury travel is about the experience and less of an appearance. Local culture might not be so glamorous but it is always memorable.



Favourite Quote
Favourite travel quote: “Travel is the only thing we can buy which makes us richer
Favourite Countries
Zimbabwe and Boliva
Next Destination to Visit
Central Asia
Most Memorable Travel Experience
sleeping on a mud roof top under a blanket of stars in Mali


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